Laura Drabandt

I remember walking around the bend and stumbling upon a huge, vibrant pink flamingo tree. It was flabbergasting!

-Laura Drabandt

John Meyer

Married in the Arboretum in September 1986. Happy ever after!

John Meyer, Vice Chancellor, UC Davis Administrative and Resource Management


Haley Proehl

Haley ProehlI come to the Gazebo to relax in the shade or study. I like the open area and the view of the waterway and plants around me. It is my favorite place to go whenever I am feeling stressed.

-Haley Proehl

Isabel Zucker

Isabel ZuckerI love running and walking through the Arboretum, and whenever I want to really talk to a friend I take them there. I love looking at all the different gardens and rolling in the soft grass. The Arboretum is such a peaceful place to me. It is so important to have a whimsical place to breathe and de-stress in the high-speed college environment.

-Isabel Zucker

Rebecca Cherone

Rebecca CheroneI am a naturalist for the UC Davis Arboretum and participated in the “Storytime Through the Seasons” series of family events. For this particular Native American-themed event, I was in the music section. I asked both the parents and children to participate and proceeded to teach a couple of Native American songs to the group, having them sing and dance, using Native American instruments like clappers. Everyone was getting really into it and the kids were really enjoying themselves when time began to run out and we had to switch stations. One of the parents turned to me and exclaimed, “We have time! Can we please do ONE more song?!”

-Rebecca Cherone


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