Arboretum Stories: Nancy Foster

photo of Nancy FosterOne evening on an adventure to tour the Storer Garden to get plant ideas, my husband and I saw a camel being led! We did a double take—the camel being eight feet tall—and it really was a camel! Only in Davis would you see a camel in the Arboretum!

—Nancy Foster, Arboretum volunteer

Chuck Foster (Nancy’s husband) adds: I was there when we were in the Storer Garden and saw the camel on June 12, 2009. I joined Warren Roberts for a “Walk with Warren” three weeks later and mentioned the camel sighting. He too had seen the camel and had checked with the Vet School to see if they knew anything about it. Warren said they told him that the camel had had surgery and was recovering when we saw it walking just west of Storer.

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